Due to the amount of interest in requests for archived Woven collections, we have extended the opportunity to recover your photos and videos until May 6th, 2015. If you would like your account and content deleted immediately, please email us at support@woventheapp.com.

A big thank you to all the users of Woven!

We have enjoyed providing a simple and free way for you to view your memories in one place. As we move forward creating exciting new products, the Woven project is sadly coming to an end. We want to leave you with the knowledge that we have the utmost respect for both your memories and your privacy.


There are some users of Woven who have uploaded photos and videos from their phones and tablets. We will be offering those users the chance to retrieve these uploaded images by emailing our customer support at support@woventheapp.com. Please send the request from the email address associated with your Woven account. We will reply with a link to download a zip archive of your images (not including images from your connected sources). This will be available until midnight eastern standard time, May 6, 2015.


After May 6th, we will delete all of your personal data, photos, and videos. Any and all information will not be available to us or to any third parties, and will be permanently removed from our servers.

If you have any remaining questions regarding Woven, please email our support team.

– The Woven Team